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Award Winning Finalist in the Fiction: New Age, and Best Cover Design: Fiction categories of the 2018 Best Book Awards, sponsered by American Book Fest.

Being kidnapped was only the beginning.
Since she returned home, Zero’s life has been upended by the appearance of creatures she never thought possible. Even more unbelievable to her is her strange connection to them. Using her unique abilities, she tries to protect her friends. But nothing lasts forever. Now she’s on a quest to find the people behind the creation of these monsters. She needs answers. They need to be stopped. To do that, they must first reach the original outbreak zone. They must reach Ground Zero.

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Author's Notebook: Ground Zero was an interesting book for me to write, since I never actually pictured myself writing a zombie novel. It is the continuation of a short story (Zero) I wrote for the anthology: Bite Sized Offerings: Tales and Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse. This anthology was created in order to help raise money for hospital bills for a critically ill little girl. I was asked to contribute, hence the Patient Zero series was born! Keep watching for news on book two!
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Feeling lost after Scout’s disappearance, Zero just wanted time to regroup. Unable to risk returning to Ground Zero, she and her allies retreat back to their friends at home. When they come across one of their dogs loose on the road, Zero realizes something is wrong. They discover their farm is deserted. Their friends missing. Animals freed. And no way to tell what happened. In their desperate scramble to find answers, they run into Mike, who delivers the worst news: The guards demand Zero. She must turn herself in or they will sacrifice her friends to the horde. Zero finds herself in a race against time. She must rescue her friends... and avoid becoming a prisoner herself.
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Since the beginning of the outbreak, Zero has never felt so lost. While her efforts at the guard compound have led to the safe return of her friends, something inside her has changed.
As she struggles to retain the control she once had, she begins a dangerous search for any scientists who can help find a cure.
If something isn’t done, and soon, she may become a bigger threat to her friends than either the guards or the zombies.

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