Now Available! Burn: Broken Minds book one:

Fire has always been a part of Brennan’s life. His parents were lost to the flames when he was a child. As an adult, he made it his duty to quell them, becoming a firefighter. His life has always revolved around the scorching flames.

When an arsonist strikes his town, Brennan begins to question whether he might be the cause. So he calls an old ally, Jade, for help. After all, she saved him once before.

After three years of separation, Jade has never forgotten the boy with the power of fire. She also remembers the strange feeling she got from him when they first met. A feeling that told her she wouldn’t be able to assist him on her own. Instead, she contacts her other friends… friends who also have special powers.

Tray and Laurie have just come from their own adventure: meeting the Earthshaker. Now, they must figure out how best to help Brennan, and determine if he is the true cause of the fires.

Or if something darker—and more familiar—is at work.

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Author's Notebook: While I was writing Earthshaker, I had the idea to continue the journey in a related series. No longer following Jason, but instead, another group of special people. This book gave me a bit of grief at first, but once it started to flow, I was able to tell Brennan's story. 
Now Available! Visions: Broken Minds book 2!

Devon’s nightmares are getting worse.
Every night he witnesses the pain and hears the screams of people he can never reach. His only consolation is that the dreams don’t follow him once he’s awake.
That changes when he confronts a murderer and has a vision that shakes him to the core: a shadow of a man who seems able to speak to him through the ether. Suddenly, his visions take a turn.
He sees a man who can conjure fire and knows: he needs his help.
Brennan, still healing from the fire that nearly destroyed his family, is apprehensive when he receives the call from Devon. But he can't bring himself to refuse his plea for help.
Especially when they discover the truth behind Devon's terrifying new visions:
Kindred has come out of hiding. And he has his eyes set on the seer.

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