Zero: First introduced in the short story "Zero" from the anthology: Bite-Sized Offerings: Tales and Legends of the Zombie Apocalypse. The title character, Zero is a thirteen year old girl who was genetically modified to become patient zero of the zombie outbreak. What they did to her also gave her a connection to the horde. She is able to sense the creatures, and is also able to scare them away for a short time. Before the outbreak, she had been training in martial arts and sword fighting. After it, she became the leader of a group of survivors, almost all of whom are children.

Rex: Also introduced in "Zero" Rex is Zero's right hand man. He follows her without question, and at first is one of the few who know the full extent of her connection to the horde. Rex is good at scouting. He moves quietly and carefully, and is also an able fighter. 

Jake: At twenty-one years old, Jake is the one adult in Zero's group. Jake is protective of all the children in their group, and has taken on the role of big brother for all of them. He feels especially protective of Zero, especially once he found her after she'd lost her parents. Despite being the oldest and most experienced person in the group, he defers to Zero's leadership. He is more an advisor and confidante to Zero.

Shanti: Fourteen years old, Shanti at first is wary of Zero and her connection to the horde. She chafes at being led by someone younger than her. Introduced in "Zero" as the newest member of their group. After a little while, she demands to be part of the inner circle, and ends up traveling with Jake, Zero, and Rex to Ground Zero. She hides a secret that brings her closer to Zero.

Prati: The youngest of their group at only nine years old, Prati hero worships Zero, Rex, and Jake. She is the little sister to the whole group, and they do whatever they can to keep her safe. In "Zero" she plays the role of messenger for the whole group.

Kane: Good with electronics, Kane is the one who is able to connect the fences to a source of electricity in order to protect the entire group. He follows Zero's orders, despite being older than her by a couple years.

Caleb and Kristy: Twins. Often used together to pull the cart of supplies. They are determined to fight and protect the group they adopted as family, but threaten one and the other will protect them at all costs.

Aly: Part of the group in charge of taking care of the animals. Caring and considerate, Aly is one of the few people who knew how to deal with larger animals prior to the outbreak. When they find a farm, she and Tony are put in charge of the horses and various other animals.

Tony: Along with Aly is put in charge of taking care of most of the animals. As one of the few who knows anything about horses, he is given the task of caring for them along with Aly.

Ben: Part of the group. A little older than Zero, he does his part to protect the group and help gather supplies necessary for survival.

Case: Helps to gather supplies, and works on the guard rotation.

Quinn: Part of the guard rotation, Quinn does whatever he can to help. Whether its gathering supplies, pulling the cart, or building fences, he is always willing to help.

Scout: Leader of a unit of ex-guards, Scout initially tries to kidnap Zero to turn her in for a reward. He eventually becomes one of her trusted friends, and joins her on the trip to Ground Zero to help find a way to end the outbreak.

Kate: Part of Scout's unit, she joins the main group on their trip to Ground Zero. She is good with a map, and a good fighter. She and Jake grow close during their travels.

Mike: Older teenager Zero comes across during the trip to Ground Zero. When she gets separated from the others, he helps her get back to the rest of her group. He is able to assist them in several ways before he decides he's tired of living on his own and joins Zero.


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