Jason: Introduced right away in Tracker, Jason is the main protagonist throughout the Earthshaker series. He is geokinetic, which means he is able to control the ground. He at first wants to ignore the more destructive aspects of his abilities, but eventually embraces even the most dangerous parts.

Alice Farrow: Also introduced in Tracker, Alice is a police officer who Jason has learned to trust. She knows about his abilities, and is willing to use him as a CI. Alice also does whatever she can to protect Jason from any threat, including other people discovering his powers.

Hannah Farrow: Alice's younger sister, about the same age as Jason. She is a friend and confidante for both Alice and Jason, and does whatever she can to help both of them. Hannah tries to mix having a normal life with the craziness that comes from having Jason as a part of her life. She cares deeply for him, and would never abandon him. Although a gentle soul by nature, when pushed she can be fierce.

Mark Jones: FBI agent who first appears in Tracker. He is at first on an undercover assignment to find enough evidence to arrest Trevor Mason. However, when Alice contacts him for help, he puts everything at risk in order to help her protect Jason. 

Paul: The oldest of the street kids Jason protects. Introduced in Tracker. He is seen as angry and resentful to anyone in authority. The only exception is Jason, who he views as both a big brother, and a leader. Paul will follow Jason's lead, but becomes upset if he percieves that anyone is attempting to harm anyone in their group. 

Sam: The youngest of the street kids in Jason's group. He is the most protected. Sam is also the one with the most to hide. He is first introduced in Tracker, but his story is told more in both Hunter and Oblivion (books 3 and 4).

Trevor Mason: Main antagonist from Tracker, and the cause of many events beyond. He discovers Jason's abilities and wants to use them for himself. Mason will do whatever it takes, including threatening everyone Jason cares about.

Kindred: An assassin trained by Trevor Mason. First appears in Tracker, but his story is told mostly in book two: Kindred. He has the power to manipulate minds; to make people see what he wants them to see. After the events in Tracker, he becomes obsessed with Jason. He at first wants to help him, but when he realizes Jason will not accept him, he becomes one of the greatest threats Jason has ever faced.

Hunter: The title character for book three. He is the main threat Jason and Sam face throughout that book. He is a character who is bored with his life, so he chooses to use his powers to kidnap, hunt, and kill people. His actions lead to the revelation of one of Sam's best kept secrets.

Puppet Master/Mastermind: The main antagonist for both Oblivion and Earthshaker. His abilities are similar to Kindred's. He is able to manipulate people and situations to suit his desires. Even Kindred is not safe from the Mastermind's manipulations. 


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