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When people die, they pass peacefully to final Judgment.

When witches discovered travel stones - a technology that allowed them indirect access to the soul realm - that changed. Now, any soul is at risk of being shredded before it can reach the last rest. Soul Warriors protect those at risk and help them reach their intended end. These warriors are normal people who have no idea that, while they sleep, they are taken to a realm beyond their wildest dreams. When a controversial minister, Reverend George, dies, the Warriors must rally together to protect him. However, his death marks a series of changes beyond their ability to control. Now, the Warriors must fight to survive in a realm they no longer recognize. They have to determine whether the witches are truly after Reverend George, or if they are looking to destroy the Soul Warriors.

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Author's Notebook: Writing Soul Warriors vs Witches was a definite challenge for me, since it was the first time I've done a co-authored novel. The Dreampunk genre was also completely new to me, and was difficult to get into, although I believe Joseph, Marisha, and I managed to come up with an interesting concept. 


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