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“You saved me, consider this a gift. I will be watching. Be safe, Tracker- Kindred.” 
With this message, Kindred entered Jason’s life as a protector—and a threat. When Kindred’s vendetta leads to a confrontation between the two men, Jason must fight his instinct to run in order to stay and protect the people he loves. 

After everything Jason suffered, Hannah wants him to stop working with the police and live a more normal life. When Kindred refuses to stop, she recognizes Jason can’t remain idle while the assassin continues his killing spree. When Kindred gets in the way of Jason living his life, she needs to let Jason deal with him in his own way. 

Author's Notebook: The idea for book two came to me while nearing the end of book one. I liked the idea of Jason going up against someone whose footsteps were hard to feel and who he saw only once. In order to make that happen, I needed to make Kindred into a character who would keep in contact with Jason, and give him complex emotions and a dark back story.

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